A Little Bit of Biography

Well, I figure if I have a Tumblr on which I am probably just going to blog most of the time because I’ve secretly always wanted one, then what the hell, I’ll talk about myself a little bit. Plus if for some reason anyone else than my other friends start following me, then here’s a bit about me. Although, unless someone found this and thought me funny, or amusing or entertaining in some way, I really can’t see anyone reading this shit. So my name’s Savannah. Hey, how are ya? Nice to meet you. Let’s see…to start off I guess I’ll say that I am from Maryland in the US and proud of my family culture. My dad is white; got a little Polish and German in there. My mom is from Sri Lanka; came over in about 1971. I am really connected to my Sri Lankan culture through my grandmother and mother’s side of the family. Just for anyone who knows about the two cultures out on the island, my grandma is Singalese and has had a Singalese husband but also a Tamil one…and just for shits and giggles, has had a German one too. So she speaks Sinhala, Tamil, English and German, although her Tamil’s kinda rusty because she hasn’t had to use it in so long. I love my grandmeemaw.

What else… I like a lot of things. I would consider myself a nerd in the following two subjects: art and science. I am a science major but love art still and do it on the side. Painting, drawing, jewelry, make up, admiring other works etc…just suck at three dimensional stuff. Also in the performing arts section I play the piano and set drums and fucking live for music. As far as science goes, I’m an animal science major because I love animal life and science (NO I AM NOT GOING TO BE A GODDAMN VET. FUCKING PRISSES WHO TAKE ON THIS MAJOR AND MAKE IT COMMON. Will speak more on this matter no doubt later. In my eyes some of them are a disgrace to science but …ugh whatever.) but dont really know what I’m doing with it yet, I just like it. Some of my other favorite sciences include archaeology (Really just mummies. Mummies are so fucking awesome.), enthomology, paleontology, zoology, marine biology, psychology’s pretty cool and lastly, pathology. I really could have chosen any of these for my major and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do so I kind of picked a potential career I had fantasized about and chose animal science for it. Plus I LOVE my school and where it is so I’m glad I chose like I did.

That last paragraph makes up a lot of me. Other than that I guess, At the moment my favorite colors are turquoise and purple. It fluxuates between those and black and pink usually. Although green and red are nice as well. On the internet I have this, a Twitter, Facebook, VampireFreaks, YouTube and DeviantArt. Facebook I only friend people who are my friends and sometimes people I kind of know that seem like we could be good friends but anyone is welcome to follow me here, on Twitter (SavvieRuthless), VampireFreaks (RuthlessRetribution), YouTube (Lionsbloodprincess3) and DeviantArt (lionsbloodprincess).

I don’t think there’s really much else to me other than I try to be a loving person to every soul even though I hate humanity as a whole and I am a chocoholic (it’s a problem). I also like funky fashion and love baking (I try cooking but I suck at it). Oh, and I collect bookmarks and shoes. I think that’s really all I can say about myself right now. Catch ya later, Cheeseburgers. Later.

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